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5 Reasons Why Your Mattress Can Cause Shoulder Pain

Recent times have seen more and people seeking out massage therapy and acupuncture options to address the ever rising problem of the 21st-Century – back and shoulder pains. A majority of people who do this fail to source out the origin of the problem. Thus, in as much as these options are viable in giving you the much-needed relief you seek, the root of it all remains unaddressed. As such, the problem is only likely to progress slowly till that point where most therapies won’t be of any relevance – you might require undergoing some kind of operation.

5 Reasons Why Your Mattress Can Cause Shoulder Pain at https://lukeosaurusandme.co.uk

This is because the root seems to be a daily occurrence – the very beds we go back to after our daily stressful lives. The very thing that’s supposed to provide you homage and some shelter from all your worries is the one adding onto the pile of problems. Talk about being stabbed in the back by your very bed. It, therefore, becomes crucial to identify the bed that will suit your every turn. I bet you still have questions; “How can my innocent bed be the cause of all this shoulder discomfort?” let’s take a look.


  • The Posture Versus The Mattress


Sleepers are broadly classified into three: the back, the side and the tummy sleepers. What most people fail to realize is that there is a rest right mattress for all the mentioned sleepers. The side sleepers as demonstrated in the above diagram need to have a mattress that contours with their shape. This enables the spine to be properly aligned. Alternatively, accessories such as pillows can be used to fill in the empty gaps created especially on the shoulder, hip and leg regions. The mistake side sleepers make is going for a hard mattress in the hopes of getting that firm grip – perhaps thinking it will last longer. I don’t know the reasoning, but this is lethal in the long run.

Back sleepers and stomach sleepers are the ones most favored by this hard type of mattress.


  • Materials Matter


It is only in recent times that I have seen customers putting more focus on the materials used in the construction of the bed. Some run for an all-foam mattress while some are impressed by the superiority of latex or a hybrid mattress. The material combination used also affects the tactical hardness of the bed making it a factor to consider to evade shoulder pains.


  • Adjustability to Suit Your Needs


I would tentatively advise you to opt for a bed that can adjust to meet your needs. This ensures you the best and most favorable posture. Such kinds of beds have an added advantage as they allow for proper massaging, music play and also, you have USB ports to insert whatever you want. Talk about the exclusive office bed in the comfort of your room.


  • Lack of Credible Accessories


Some people fail to see the need to accompany their perfect mattress with the ideal pillows and protectors. As a result, they fail to give proper support to their heads and neck regions thus the arising discomforts.


  • Poor Framing and Foundation


You cannot plant a tree with the roots altered or interfered with. Relatively, you cannot claim to have a proper mattress and fail to back this up with a strong foundation. The frames, if poor, might contour with your mattress causing irregular shapes. This might lead you to sink in and sleep in an unhealthy position hence the resultant pains.

That said, proper care and maintenance of beds should be observed at all times. Take time to study your positions before going for a mattress as this is your health on the line. Consult credible sources if you need more help.

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