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A Good Night’s Sleep with Slumberland (& Give Away!)

Since Luke has started at nursery things have been a little difficult when it comes to him getting a good night’s sleep. He absolutely loves his afternoons there and he can’t wait to grab his coat and shoes and head out of the door as soon as he hears the word ‘nursery’. Unfortunately, as we all know, changes in routines can often bring about a few difficulties that can be very frustrating and challenging.

Luke’s so excited by nursery and he comes home on such a high, he eats his dinner, has some milk and watches In The Night Garden all in the lead up to bed time. No problems so far… It’s when it comes to bed time that the problems start: he does not want to sleep! He used to be great at bed time, he’d be calm and understand what was happening – no problems at all, but lately he will scream and scream and scream.  I have been desperate for someone to come to me with the answer.

Slumberland CD Humprey Berny review by

Slumberland, a collection of beautiful songs and lullabies sung by the very talented Humphrey Berney (yes, from that fabulous award winning harmony group, Blake) arrived on my doorstep just in time. First impressions? The cover art is gorgeous! I mean: I instantly fell in love with it. I would quite happily hang this beautiful woodland scene (designed by Humphrey’s wife) up in my own room, never mind Luke’s! But the test wasn’t in the art work, it was in the music.

Slumberland CD by Humprey Berny Cover Art and review by

The track list includes some wonderful songs that are guaranteed to bring a smile to all and maybe even coax a little sing-a-long out of the adults in the room (by maybe, I mean almost certainly), with tracks such as “When You Wish Upon A Star” and “Dream A Little Dream Of Me”. Humphrey’s voice is smooth and relaxing, perfect for babies and toddlers to gently drift off to and I have also found it to be very relaxing to listen to in my own time. I was impressed to find a booklet among the CD sleeve that gives further details on the CD, songs and the lyrics.

Slumberland CD by Humprey Berney Track list and review by

I have been playing Slumberland at bedtime and also during the days when Luke’s not at nursery and is at home. Usually at about 3pm, he starts to get a little frustrated and tired (because he decided he doesn’t need his nap any more!) so we have a little sit down, listen to the CD and just have a little bit of calm time.

Luke seemed to really benefit from listening to Slumberland at bed time – he is gradually managing to settle himself and I think he’s definitely getting used to music and associating it with calmness and ‘bed time’. He does sometimes have a little bit of a sleepy sing to himself, which I must say is absolutely adorable.

Slumberland CD by Humprhey Berney review by

Slumberland is a real treat from both adults and children alike, the CD has definitely managed to find it’s way into our daily routine and it’s lovely to see Luke adjusting to his new schedule with the help of Humprey’s beautiful singing.

Slumberland CD by Humprhey Berney Fox art, CD review and give away by

Slumberland is due for release on the 23rd October, but is available for pre-order now on !

I was sent this copy of Slumberland in return for an honest review**

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