Childrens oilcloth splash mats and messy mats from Messy Me review at
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Review: Oilcloth Splash Mat From Messy Me

Since moving house in February, my poor coffee table has bared the brunt of many a felt tip and paint brush slip, much to my other half’s annoyance.

The problem is that we got given this coffee table. It’s not amazing, or particularly pretty, but it serves us well. Especially since I decided to get a rabbit (and huge indoor hutch) rather than a dining table – we now don’t have any room at all for any table and chairs (boo, poor house management, that!) So this little coffee table is where we eat, drink, paint, craft and colour in.

Naturally, all sorts of stuff has ended up on the table. Unfortunately, not all of it seems to want to come out of the wood… But now we have a lovely splash mat from Messy Me, that covers up any unsightly parts, and protects our table from any further child related damage.

Messy Me create beautifully designed oilcloth products for use around the children at home. Their stylish, wipe clean products range from splash mats to high chair covers. I was delighted when I was given the opportunity to review a Messy Me splash mat.

Childrens oilcloth splash mats and messy mats from Messy Me review at

Splash mats, or messy mats, are basically any parent’s best friend. If you have ever been worried about weaning mess, paint getting everywhere, sensory play getting a bit out of hand, kitchen bakes getting the better of you, or even play dough crumbs getting everywhere, splash mats are the answer!

Messy Me offers four patterns of oilcloth splash mats to choose from: I chose “Navy Stars”. I really love the design of our splash mat. I think the pattern is very gender neutral and my Luke loves the style, his exact words were, “I love our new mat, mummy. The stars are so pretty!”

I have to admit that I had a tough decision choosing between the Navy Stars mat and the Soft Grey Stars pattern; both are absolutely beautiful, but I think I made the right choice in the end for us. The splash mats measure at 90 x 120cm – big enough to cover tables, but also providing protection to a huge amount of your floor if you’re doing some fun messy play. Messy Me mats are not slippery – again, perfect for little people playing on the floor, and they’re also hemmed, making them a great quality mat that isn’t likely to start falling apart or fraying at the edges.

Stylish patterns that look great in your home

As mentioned, our splash mat is currently covering up our slightly battered and worse for wear coffee table. That means that our mat is very much on display in the main room of our home. Anyone who comes in and out will see it!

But what’s great about the designs available from Messy Me is that they’re so family and house friendly. They’re not garish, or overly childish like many messy mats I have seen on the market. They look…at home, in your home. I’ve had several compliments and remarks about the splash mat – everyone seems to like the look of it and agrees that it looks nice in our living room.

I must say, it looks particularly nice with a lovely big bunch of bright, colourful, summer flowers sitting on top!

Hard-wearing and easy to clean

Oilcloth is a very hard-wearing fabric, and if you don’t wish to leave it hanging around as we do, it’s easily folded up for storage and transportation.

I’ve let Luke go a bit mad with all sorts of colouring pens and paints that I would usually be quite reserved about, however, the mat is so easy to clean afterwards that I haven’t had to worry about any big clean-up operations. I’ve simply given the mat a little shake in the bin and wiped it down with a wet cloth (or a baby wipe!) afterwards.

Childrens oilcloth splash mats and messy mats from Messy Me review at

Caring for oilcloth information

My package from Messy Me also came with a small leaflet entitled “Caring for your Messy Me oilcloth products”. It is really great that this little bit of information comes with Messy Me’s products because, contrary to popular belief, some liquids and foods can actually stain the oilcloth. This leaflet lists a few items to avoid using on the oilcloth splash mats, how to clean the splash mat and also lists some information on how much heat can be used around the oilcloth. It’s a vital nugget of information with just a few bullet points that will keep your product nice and safe.

We are really enjoying the use of our Messy Me Navy Stars splash mat and I think we will take it with us when we go for a picnic this bank holiday weekend. It’s so easy to pack up and transport, as well as easy to clean, that you really can take it anywhere with you!

**I was sent this product for review purposes. All thoughts and opinions are my own!**

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Childrens oilcloth splash mats and messy mats from Messy Me review at

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