Teenagers all sat around a table at school looking towards the teacher
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Understanding How to Help Your Child with their Social Skills

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Well established social skills can not only help your child to build friendships, but they can also support your child throughout their life. Some children are naturally very sociable, while others may need a helping hand to build these invaluable skills. 

Teenagers all sat around a table at school looking towards the teacher

Read on to learn how you can help your child to develop their social skills using these great tips from Claremont School.

It is important that you are a good role model for your children. Be aware of how you talk to others and try to demonstrate good social skills and manners for your child to replicate. Demonstrate kindness and point out unkind behaviour. It is also important to explain how to hold a conversation and to listen to others when they are speaking.

Starting conversations with new people can be hard whatever your age. To help your child socialise successfully, it can be useful to teach them some simple conversation starters. Explain that when they meet somebody new, they can pay them a compliment or ask them a question, in order to get a conversation going.

You can also help your child to build on their social skills by introducing them extra-curricular activities. These not only provide an ideal opportunity for socialising with other children, but they are also a great way for children to develop their communication skills. Through dancing, singing, acting or sports, children can give their confidence a boost and improve their social skills for the future.

Finally it is important to take a step back and allow your child to explore their independence. Try to allow your child time to solve problems alone. Learning how to resolve issues independently is an important part of developing invaluable social skills.

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