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Easy Fine Motor Skills Hoops


Today I am sharing a lovely quick activity that promotes fine motor skills development and dexterity.

It’s really easy to set up and no special crafty bits are required!

Fine Motor Skills from

All you’ll need are 2 toilet rolls, scissors and a rolling pin.

How To:

  • (Optional) Ask your little one to colour in/paint your empty toilet rolls. Add some glitter, sequins – whatever they desire!
  • Cut the toilet rolls into 1 cm strips, then squish back into a circular shape.

Fine Motor Skills Hoops over at

  • Hold your rolling pin (or any other long, thin stick type thingy ma bob you have lying around the house) and let your little one thread them on.

Easy Fine Motor Skills Hoops over at

That’s it!

A dead easy activity that’s easy to set up with no real preparation needed.

Fine Motor Skills Activity over at

You can talk about colours if you have decorated the cardboard rolls, you can count them as the hoops are placed on the pole, and if your child is a little more dexterous than mine, they can hold the rolling pin themselves and thread the hoops on.


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