Toddler Valentines Day Card Craft at

I Love You To Pieces – Toddler Valentine’s Card

This week James has been away with work, which has meant that Luke and I have had loads of time to get on with making gifts and cards for him for Valentine’s Day.

The first thing we made for his is this adorably cute “I Love You To Pieces” toddler’s Valentine’s Day card that I just know James is going to love.

Toddler Valentines Day Card Craft at

How to make this cute toddler “I Love You To Pieces” Valentine’s Day card craft:

I used a A3 piece of white card and folded it in half to make a card. Using a pink Sharpie, I drew a heart shape on the front of the card. For the “pieces”, I gave Luke a glue stick and we used old pieces of wrapping paper that were left over from Christmas.

Reuse wrapping paper to make Valentine's Day cards at @gloryiscalling

This was a perfect way to use up some of the old wrapping paper that we have left over from Christmas. I’ve kept a whole box full of it for various crafty activities – last Christmas, most of our gifts came in non-Christmassy wrapping paper, so we can sort of get away with using it all year round.

Reuse old wrapping paper to make valentines day cards at @gloryiscalling

I cut up a variety of wrapping paper designs into small pieces and put them all in a big mixing bowl for Luke to choose freely.

Use old wrapping paper to make these beautiful toddler valentine's day cards at

Luke looked through all the pieces and chose the paper pieces that he wanted, then stuck them wherever he wanted to. There was no pressure to stick the pieces of paper actually into the heart shape, which made the whole activity far more pleasurable for the both of us.

To be honest, I’m surprised that so many pieces of paper actually found themselves in the heart shape!

I love you to pieces toddler valentines day card at

When writing the “I Love You To Pieces” message, I used a variety of brightly coloured Sharpies and just wrote the message where I could fit it!

I love you to pieces toddler valentines day card at

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Toddler Valentines Day Card Craft at

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