Toddler's Watercolour LOVE gift at @gloryiscalling
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How To: Toddler’s Watercolour LOVE Picture Gift

I’m a big fan of watercolours: they look pretty and they’re nearly mess free when in paint palette form. They’re also easy for little artists to use and did I mention, they look really pretty?

I’m not the only one who loves a bit of watercolour art though – it’s totally the “in” thing at the moment, cropping up in big stationary brands such as Paperchase and Not On The High Street. So why not combine this popular gorgeous arty effect with Valentine’s Day, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day or just as a lovely gift for someone special and create something that looks beautiful for them.

Toddler's Watercolour LOVE gift at @gloryiscalling

How to make this Toddler’s Watercolour LOVE Picture Gift:

You will need:

Water colour paints

Thick card (or a canvas)

Masking tape

How To:

First up you need to make sure to card or canvas you’re working on is square.

Toddler's Watercolour LOVE gift at @gloryiscalling

Next, using masking tape, spell out the word “love”. The “o” is slanted – quite difficult to do with the tape as it requires smaller pieces! I had Luke jogging my arm while doing this, but if you can afford a little more time than me, it’s worth it.

Toddler's Watercolour LOVE gift at @gloryiscalling

Now that the tape is down and you’re happy with how everything looks, let your toddler free with the watercolour paints! Somehow Luke managed to stick to using just the red, pink and orange watercolours and the effect is beautiful. But of course, do let your toddler’s creativity flow and allow him/her to explore the colours at will!

Toddler's Watercolour LOVE gift at @gloryiscalling

Put somewhere flat to dry! A few hours later, peel off the tape and you’re left with a beautiful watercolour “love” design to decorate your home with or give as a gift to someone special.

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Toddler's Watercolour LOVE gift at @gloryiscalling

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