Since I’ve started taking my diet and exercise and just my general well being seriously, I’ve become dependant on meal planning.

Living on a strict budget and still trying to pack in as much goodness as possible means that meal planning is now an essential part of my weekend routine. I sit down with the OH, get some books/magazines out, go through the freezer and see what meals can be produced cheaply, but are still delicious and relatively healthy (with the odd exception).

Meal Planning Monday at @gloryiscalling

That being said, I’ve never actually shared a meal plan on the blog before, so here’s to the first of (hopefully) many Monday rituals.

Monday’s Dinner Meal Plan:

Cauliflower, Tomato & Veg Cheese Bake

Tuesday’s Dinner Meal Plan:

Quorn Escalopes, Veg, Chips & Gravy *

Wednesday’s Dinner Meal Plan:

Lasagne (From Lean in 15)

Thursday’s Dinner Meal Plan:

Veggie Risotto

Friday’s Dinner Meal Plan:

Sweet Potato Cottage Pie

**OH will have gravy, but I might give it a miss.

Mince for the lasagne and the cottage pie will be Quorn mince as I’m a vegetarian.

I’ll be honest, what we have one each day might change, depending on whether I’m cooking or whether OH is cooking (and also, quite frankly, how lazy I’m feeling!)

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