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Mr Tumble Golden Bear Toys Review

No child can get enough of the Cbeebies legend that is Mr Tumble. He has captured the hearts and imaginations of so many children, no matter age or gender.

Imagine the look on my three year old boy’s face when we received a very exciting package from Golden Bear Toys in the post one day – the contents being one Mr Tumble’s Fun Sounds Musical Car and Mr Tumble’s Textured Spotty Bag. 

Mr Tumble Toy Reviews at

Needless to say, the Mr Tumble toys were swifty removed from all packaging and over the course of the next few hours, we were able to have a jolly good play with both the musical car and the spotty bag, thoroughly testing them out.

Mr Tumble’s Fun Sounds Musical Car

We tend to describe Luke as a “mini petrol head”. Anything to do with cars, trains, bikes – basically anything that moves – he completely adores. So when I introduced him to a toy featuring Mr Tumble driving his very own musical car? That was quite honestly mind blowing stuff!

This bright and colourful car comes with eight fun functions to entertain your child. I think that’s quite a lot of interaction and fun considering it’s only one toy!

The first thing you notice about Mr Tumbles Fun Sounds Musical Car is the bumpy, wobbly motion when you push the car along. This is my favourite feature – I just think it’s so authentic and really ties in with the whole styling of Mr Tumble. Golden Bear have done an amazing job creating this toy and have poured thought into every aspect of it; you can even hear engine sounds from the car as you push it along.

Mr Tumble Toy Reviews at

On either side of the car are Aunt Polly and Granddad Tumble. You can push either character’s buttons to hear their funny comments – Luke loved this feature. He was excited that other character’s from the Something Special shows were included. Being able to talk about who these characters were and connect them to Mr Tumble and the TV shows made the whole playing experience better for him.

When the bright red nose on the front of the car is pushed, it lights up and flashes, while at the same time playing Mr Tumble catchphrases and making Mr Tumble’s funny noises. Another big red button positioned on top of the car also plays the Mr Tumble theme tune.

Mr Tumble Toy Reviews at

All the buttons are big and chunky ensuring they are very easy for little hands to locate and press, making the musical car the perfect toy for Mr Tumble fans of all ages and ability.

As if all this wasn’t enough, Mr Tumble himself is a part of the action! The musical car comes with a Mr Tumble figure that can be played with on its own and also as part of the car. Open up the front of the car by lifting up the windscreen and you’ll find a little hollowed driver’s seat for him to sit in!

Mr Tumble Toy Reviews at

One final and lovely feature of the Mr Tumble Musical Car toy is the Makaton cards that come with the toy. Luke loves copying the Makaton sign language when watching Something Special, so I think that it’s so lovely to be able to carry on practising some basic sign language at home together. The cards even have their own special slot at the back of the car to keep them safe.

This toy was such a massive hit with Luke, and with myself! Sometimes children’s toys can be annoying or irritating or, as a parent, you feel they don’t quite teach the values you’d like your children to learn. The Mr Tumble Fun Sounds Musical Car however has ticked all the right boxes for me – it would make such an amazing gift and is available for £29.99 from Golden Bear toys.


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Mr Tumble Toy Reviews at

Mr Tumble’s Textured Spotty Bag

When I think of Mr Tumble, I automatically think of Mr Tumble’s Spotty Bag! It’s clearly an iconic fashion piece that is worn by both Justin and Mr Tumble in the Something Special shows. Luke is well versed when it comes to repeating the catchphrase “It’s Mr Tumbles spotty bag…!”

Mr Tumble Toy Reviews at

Dressing up and role play are such crucial parts of childhood development. Dressing up as some of their favourite characters can really make the experience that little bit more amazing for children. Perfect for developing your child’s senses and communication skills, Mr Tumble’s Textured Spotty Bag features some great textured colourful spots for your child to explore. Luke enjoyed touching each spot and explaining what they felt like – where they soft, fluffy, bumpy or rough?

At this age, Luke is fiercely  independent! Exploring the Mr Tumble bag at his own speed and communicating to me how the spots felt and whether he liked them or not was not only an enjoyable moment for him, but also for me. I love toys like this, where thought process and communication is a part of the playing experience.

As well as the developmental advantages of Mr Tumble’s Textured Spotty Bag, I am very pleased to report that it cleans up well – even after a certain three year old decide to attack it with felt tip pens.

Imagine the horror on my face when I’m presented with what was a beautifully bright yellow bag, that now has brown lines connecting all the spots together. The pen went through all the different fabrics used to create the textures and I was absolutely mortified! Luckily, I just popped this bad boy in the washing machine on a low wash and the bag came out as good as new – I couldn’t be any happier!

Mr Tumble Toy Reviews at

Just like the musical car, Mr Tumble’s spotty bag also comes with Makaton cards to help little ones further their communication skills.

As a parent, I know toys get grubby and things happen that can’t be prevented (or should have been but weren’t – oops!), so it’s such a relief when you find out that the toys you are giving your child are of great quality and can be played with over and over again, without the fear of them disintegrating or getting so dirty and grubby they can’t be used any more.

Mr Tumble’s Textured Spotty Bag is available from Golden Bear toys for £14.99.

Golden Bear have done such an amazing job creating these wonderful Mr Tumble toys and I couldn’t be happier with the products we received. Beforehand, although Luke loves Mr Tumble, I may not have thought about purchasing any Mr Tumble themed toys. I am so thrilled to have received such amazing, educational and, most importantly – child friendly – toys, that I have mentally kicked myself over and over again for not considering them any sooner.

I would highly recommended both the Mr Tumble Fun Sounds Musical Car toy and the Mr Tumble’s Textured Spotty Bag toy to any Mr Tumble fan! They’re fantastic value for money, they’re resilient and excellent quality.

You can get your hands on both Mr Tumble toys on the Golden Bear website, you can also check them out and follow @GoldenBearToys on Twitter and Instagram.

**I was sent these toys in exchange for an honest review – all opinions and words are my own.


Rachael is a 31 year old mum to 10 year old Luke and 5 year old Oscar. She lives in England and writes about family life, crafts, recipes, parenting wins(and fails), as well as travel, days out, fashion and living the frugal lifestyle.

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