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Finding The Right Baby Bouncer with Kiddies Kingdom

I don’t know if I have harped on about being pregnant with Baby Number 2 enough, but now there is only one week to go until I hit my due date. I’m really hoping that this little man comes early because this crazy heatwave we’re experiencing in the UK is driving me insane. I’m also starting to feel everything get a bit more swollen. The rings finally had to come off a few days ago and I feel a bit naked without them!

Kiddies Kingdom kindly got in touch with me and asked if there was anything else that I was still on the hunt for that they could help me with. I have to say, I am extremely grateful as, when you’re expecting a baby, there is just so much choice and an overwhelming selection of goods you need to buy. One thing that was on my list that I still hadn’t managed to get my hands on was a baby bouncer. I found the baby bouncer to be an absolute life saver when Luke was a newborn, so I wasn’t about to embark on my newborn journey without one.

Kiddies Kingdom Baby Bouncer Range - Joie Wish Petite City at

Kiddies Kingdom

I had a long old scroll through the Kiddies Kingdom website.

If you don’t know, Kiddies Kingdom is the number 1 UK retailer of baby and children’s products and their website is jam packed full of amazing items. Although earlier I mentioned that too much choice wasn’t necessarily a good thing, it does mean that on the Kiddie Kingdom’s site, you can find everything you need, no matter what your budget.

I must admit, I got a bit distracted and ended up surfing the site for quite a while before I remembered what I was looking for.

Joie Wish Bouncer – Petite City

I came across the Joie Wish Bouncer-Petite City and instantly fell in love.

Without even realising it, we seem to have gravitated towards a grey theme for all our baby items. So coming across this beauty meant that naturally, I had to have it. It matches the rest of our larger baby items, such as the change mat and the SnuzPod, which means that not only does it look cute on it’s own, but it also looks beautiful in our bedroom next to the other items.

So it definitely ticked the first box: it looks cute and I can’t wait to see my baby in there!

Of course, it needs to actually do a bit more than just look great. It needs to be safe, it needs to be lightweight, it needs to keep baby occupied and it needs to actually work!

Joie Wish Petite City Baby Bouncer From Kiddies Kingdom

Joie Wish Baby Bouncer’s Features

Suitable From Birth

First thing’s first: it’s suitable from birth. I remember using the baby bouncer every day with Luke and sometimes, it was the only way to shower/pee/have a nap! In fact, I would say that a baby bouncer like this is an absolute essential. Especially for parents like me – having to care for both a newborn and an older sibling. The bouncer will hopefully, if Baby Number 2 is anything like Luke, allow me a few hands free minutes every now and then to dedicate to Luke.

Joie Wish Petite City Baby Bouncer From Kiddies Kingdom


What is it about the vibrations that babies seem to love? Is it the movement or is it the white noise? Maybe it’s both. Either way, the Joie Wish – Petitie City baby bouncer comes with two vibration settings, a low and a high setting. You can also place your baby in there without having the vibration settings on at all. It does require one D type battery which is not supplied, but I have found them quite cheaply on Amazon, or you could try local Poundshops.

Perfect For Naps and Playing

The Joie Baby Bouncer not only looks gorgeous, but feels gorgeous too. The fabric is lovely and soft and, as the bouncer is suitable from birth, it also comes with a baby head support. It’s light weight and can be arranged in 3 different reclined seat positions, depending on the age/preference of your child.

As I mentioned earlier, Luke loved the baby bouncer he had as a baby and often had naps in it. I consider baby bouncers to be an essential baby item because they’re just so handy. Your little baby is safely strapped in at all times and can enjoy themselves, without you constantly worrying about them.

Joie Wish Petite City Baby Bouncer From Kiddies Kingdom

Toy Bar

This also comes with a fabric covered toy bar with two soft and squidgey city houses dangling down for your baby to grasp and play with. The houses match the print on the fabric and are quite long and skinny, perfect for little hands to grip.

I Just Can’t Wait

I’m really excited to put the Joie Wish Petite City Baby Bouncer through it’s paces when Baby Number 2 finally arrives! If you follow me on Instagram, you’ll no doubt see hundreds of baby spam photos so keep an eye out for the bouncer! This little man needs to hurry up and make his entrance into the world now as we’re all dying to meet him.

Kiddies Kingdom Baby Bouncer Range Joie Wish Petite City

Rachael is a 31 year old mum to 10 year old Luke and 5 year old Oscar. She lives in England and writes about family life, crafts, recipes, parenting wins(and fails), as well as travel, days out, fashion and living the frugal lifestyle.


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