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My Dream Garden – Garden Furniture, Pond, BBQ Zone and More!

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Since we moved house in February, we have found ourselves without any outdoor space to call our own. In this crazy heat that we are currently experiencing in the UK – with temperatures hitting 31 degrees – I have found myself longing for a garden of my own…even fantasising about my dream garden.

A Big Grass Lawn

First thing’s first: it would definitely include a decent sized paddling pool. Which would mean my dream garden would have a lovely, big grassy lawn (that some one else would obviously mow for me, lawn care is not my forte) and the pool would rest on that during the summer. I can’t forget my beautiful house bunnies, Huxley and Luna, either. They’d also love to still have enough room to have a huge run in the garden so they could ‘help out’ with the grass maintenance, even when the paddling pool is out. There also needs to be some extra room for Luke and Baby Number 2 to play games, kick a ball around or have friends over to play. Basically, I’d want my garden to be a hub for family and friends, making it the place to hang out and have our social gatherings.

Beautiful Flower Beds

Bordering the lawn, I’d have to have flower beds. I know they sometimes look a bit scraggly during the winter months, but when spring and summer hit, I love the pop of colour that flowers offer. There’s nothing like nipping outside on a summer’s morning, sipping a cup of tea, and being able to smell all those beautiful flowers. Plus I think it’s pretty rewarding planting and tending to your flowers – not to mention that they’re excellent for bees and other wildlife!

My Dream Garden at

Decking and Garden Furniture

Now I’d need somewhere to sit down and drink that morning cup of tea – or sip on a cheeky G&T later on in the day. So my dream garden would have a nice bit of decking too, with some great garden furniture. My man is a bit of a BBQ fiend, so our garden would have to have a great outside dining set by Rattan (you can’t go wrong, can you?) to accommodate all our family and friends when we throw a summer shindig.

A Nature Pond

Lastly, but not least, I’d love a wildlife or nature pond tucked away in a corner somewhere. I think it would be really exciting for me and Luke to wonder down to the bottom of the garden and see what little creatures we can find. At the moment, Luke loves his Grandpa’s and Great Grandpa’s ponds as both of them have lots of newts, tadpoles and dragonflies zooming around them!

My Dream Garden at

I was curious as to what other people would like in their dream gardens, so I asked some fellow bloggers to describe their perfect gardens to me.

Mine would have a water feature as I find the sound so soothing. Lots of flowers and greenery but minimum upkeep! Someone to tend it for me and a large seating area with a fire pit in the middle where we would have nights sitting outside in blankets drinking wine – bliss! Deborah, Country Heart and Home

Low maintenance! But nice colours. Jen, Just Average Jen

A lot of nice flowers with a massive swimming-pool! Why not! We can dream 🙂 Cécile, The Frenchie Mummy

Full of decking and no grass! Jon, The Money Shed

We only have a yard so for me it would be lots of open grass space with a nice shaded patio area (shaded by a beautiful tree) and plants bordering it all as well as a water feature or fish pond 🙂 Katie, Mummy’s Diary

A big play area for the kids at the back of the garden and a separate area for the grown ups with lovely comfy rattan furniture. Abi, Something About Baby

My dream garden would have a lovely big patch of lawn for playing in, with huge trees to provide shade and a lovely decking area with a little table and chairs where I could sit and have a cup of tea in the morning! If it overlooked the coast too then it’d be absolute perfection. Holly, Little Pickle’s Mom

It seems like a lot of people’s dream gardens are similar to mine – big lawns, nice garden furniture and a BBQ area. I hope one day we find ourselves in our dream house, with our dream garden full of beautiful flowers and a healthy green lawn, but until then, Luke and I will have to make do with the grandparent’s garden!

What about you – what would be in your dream garden? How would it look? Let me know in the comments!

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My Dream Garden at

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