Review | Pure Green Coffee Company {giveaway}
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Review | Pure Green Coffee Company {giveaway}

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Very recently I have been struggling with many aspects of my life. It’s all become very overwhelming and I decided that enough was enough. Something had to change and those changes all lie with me. I’ve been struggling lots with my mental health and one of the aspects that gets me down is body image. I am all for self love; I love my amazing body – it’s given birth to two chunky, healthy babies and fed them both as well. But lately I’m feeling sad, sluggish, tired and frumpy. So when the Pure Green Coffee Company got in touch with me and asked if I’d like to sample their Slim Your Body 28 day detox green coffee, I thought “what’s the worst that can happen?” I agreed to give it a go and here’s how I got on.

Pure Green Coffee Company packet with coffee brewing in the background.

About the Pure Green Coffee Company

The team at the Pure Green Coffee Company describe themselves as health-conscious coffee lovers. Like most of us, they love the taste of coffee and the way it brightens the day and perks you up a bit. When the team discovered green coffee and all it’s health benefits, they knew they’d found a winner. The Pure Green Coffee Company work with pure green coffee to create a range of vegan, cruelty free green coffee products that range from detox green coffee programs to body washes and other skincare products.

What does the 28 day Slim Your Body coffee do?

I received the Pure Green Coffee Company’s Slim Your Body Detox Green Coffee 28 program. Green coffee has been used as a health aid for many years. Green coffee – which is unroasted, pure coffee – contains chlorogenic acid, which is said to suppress the appetite, boost your metabolism and even help to burn off excess fat. It’s not known for having the best taste though, so many choose to take it in tablet form. However, the Pure Green Coffee Company have come up with a way for you to get your daily fix of detoxifying green coffee while still enjoying that relaxing ‘hot cuppa’ feeling. The 28 program combines pure green coffee, Arabica black coffee and a variety of healthy herbs to bring you a uniquely tasting cup of coffee that can be served with or without milk.

Pure Green Coffee Company packet with coffee brewing, flowers and work out bra.

How did I get on with the Pure Green Coffee 28 program?

I’m not going to lie, the first cup of coffee I had was…well, unique. I feel like this is a good place to point out that I am one of those people who’s been sucked into the world of artificial sweeteners. I love nothing more than a caramel latte and a piece of carrot cake smothered in cream cheese frosting. Venturing into the world of detoxifying green coffee was never going to be as simple as ABC.

That’s being said, I’m no stranger to herbal teas and when sipping on my first cup of green coffee, I could definitely taste the nettles and some of the other ingredients. Although I didn’t immediately enjoy the taste, it wasn’t too bad either and, after a few cups, I became accustomed to the taste of it. I think about all the crazy green-sludge ‘smoothies’ I’ve gulped down in the past and it makes me glad that the coffee has a rich variety of flavours. It’s interesting because you can certainly taste the herbs and the ‘coffee’ flavour we’re accustomed to, but that green coffee taste is definitely there.

What about the health benefits?

Obviously when taking part in this program, it’s suggested that you eat healthily and exercise regularly. If you’re trying to lose weight, drinking a couple of cups of coffee a day isn’t going to do anything. I started this program as I was starting to talk myself into becoming happier and healthier. I definitely wasn’t making the same healthy decisions then as I am now and I know that I would have benefited more had I been more committed to making positive choices. Thankfully the Pure Green Coffee Company has a diet plan listed on their website that you can follow if you’re truly invested in your health journey. It lists loads of delicious sounding meals that have been designed by a registered dietitian and nutritionist.

It was great drinking the coffee though and it was interesting to test the benefits of green coffee. I can’t scientifically say for sure whether the coffee worked for me, but it was a nice, natural, easy way of getting some good stuff into my body without any hassle or faffing about. Since starting the program I have lost a few pounds, so maybe the appetite suppressing, metabolism boosting and fat fighting properties of green coffee really have helped me!

It was recommend to have no more than two cups of detox coffee a day and to avoid drinking alcohol when on the detox program.

Pure Green Coffee Company packet with coffee brewing in the background.

Win a Slim Your Body 28 coffee kit from the Pure Green Coffee Company

If you’re on your very own journey of fitness, health and happiness then why not try your luck at winning a Slim Your Body Detox Pure Green Coffee program from the Pure Green Coffee Company? All you need to do in order to be in with a chance of winning is read through the T&C’s thoroughly, ensuring you understand them, and then enter your details into the Gleam widget below. The giveaway opens 19/05/19 and closes on 4/06/19 – good luck!

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