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5 Of The Best Autumn Puddings

This is a collaborative post.

When it comes to food, autumn claims some of the best seasonal puddings around. Sure, I love a good ice cream in summer, or a big bowl of Eton Mess, but when the mornings get darker and the air gets cooler, it’s the delicate taste of mixed spices and apples that I crave.

If you’re anything like me then you’ll know that autumn puddings are the best puddings (I mean, all pudding is good, but autumn’s are incredible!) I’m talking seasonal fruit, served piping hot alongside cream, custard or ice cream. Tangy fruit flavours combined with sweet syrups and sauces. Yep, autumn puddings are where it’s at. 

Here are, in my opinion, 5 of the best autumn puddings. Each pudding has a link to a recipe if you want to try your hand at making it for yourself. They’re listed in no particular order because, really, who can choose their favourite from this list?!

Aerial view of a black berry and apple crumble in a pie dish.

5 Of The Best Autumn Puddings

Blackberry and Apple Crumble

The best thing about this autumn pudding can be made almost entirely for free, save the cost of some flour, butter, sugar (and oats, if you wish). Foraging for apples and blackberries is a really fun thing to do in the autumn months and it’s a great activity to get the kids involved with too. Not only does everyone get some exercise and a bit of fresh air, but the children learn more about where their food comes from. I’m a fan of anything that gets the kids out of the house and away from the screens. It’s also a fun one for children to help make as the crumble topping is 100% taste safe and it’s a well known fact that if children help prepare their food, they’re more likely to eat it. Here’s the post you can follow if you want to know more about Picking Blackberries And Making Blackberry And Apple Crumble.

Bread And Butter Pudding

Bread and Butter pudding is an old childhood favourite of mine. I used to absolutely love it full of juicy sultanas and covered in hot custard! Mmm, the thought of it now is making me hungry. The beauty of bread and butter pudding is that it’s easy to make, relatively cheap and can be flavoured many different ways. I love mine loaded with sultanas and dried fruits, covered with a generous coating of brown sugar and cinnamon. Sadly (for me) my other half isn’t a fan of dried fruits, so quite often I find myself adapting the recipe and using chocolate chips instead. You can also jazz up this autumn pudding by varying the type of bread you use. Instead of using sliced white, you can use wholemeal or even make it a bit more posh by using delicious brioche. This chocolate brioche bread and butter pudding by The Mini Mes And Me looks so tempting, doesn’t it?

Autumn Apple Spiced Waffles

After visiting Bruges for a November city break a few years ago, I fell in love with waffles. My other half is from Germany and I’m telling you, continental Europe have the best autumn puddings…and also the best Christmas treats, but that’s a whole new kettle of fish. It’s safe to say that on that holiday, we ate a lot of waffles. I think it’s about time I got my hands on a waffle maker and bought myself some wholesale waffle mix. I could make my own, but with so many autumnal flavour combinations to play around with, I’d rather spend my time experiment than making batter! Besides, I’d really want that authentic Belgian waffle taste so that I was transported right back to Bruges again. These applesauce spiced waffles look incredible! 

Apple Pie

Again, another ‘almost free’ autumn pudding that can be made from foraged apples. If you’re not keen on foraging for your own apples remember that in autumn apples are in season and, if you look around your local markets, you’ll probably be able to find a lovely variety of apples to choose from. You can cheat and use ready rolled pastry, pastry mix that requires water or make your own shortcrust. You don’t have to use just apples, you can always mix things up a bit by adding different spices, flavours and ingredients, such as cloves or sultanas. Here’s my recipe for making Raspberry and Apple Pie – if you don’t want raspberry in there, don’t put it in, the rest of the recipe is designed to work well without the raspberry powder. For some real autumn pudding comfort, pair your apple pie with piping hot custard or vanilla ice cream! 

Poached Pears

Oh, what a classic! I do love a good poached pear. There’s something so elegant about them but really, they are so easy to make. If you’re lucky enough to come across any pears on your travels, then got foraging. If not, just like apples, they are in season so grab yourself a big selection of juicy pears and get poaching. Depending on who this autumn pudding is for depends on what liquid you poached your pears in. You could go for the sophisticated grown up option of poaching them in spiced red wine, or the more family friendly method of making spiced poached pears in chocolate sauce.

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There you have it. 5 of the best autumn puddings and their recipes ready for you to try at home today. Do you have any other recipes you think should definitely be on this list? Let me know your suggestions by leaving a comment or tweeting me at @gloryiscalling.

dark image of apples for a blog post about 5 of the best autumn puddings

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