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Money Saving Parenting Hacks

Raising kids is an amazing experience, but it is also an expensive one. The average cost of raising a child to 18 years old is around £230,000. This is an astonishing amount of money, something that seems unfathomable when looking at it like that.

But there are some things that you can do in order to save money as a parent. We’ve put together a list of our top money-saving parenting hacks just for you.

Get your shopping organised!

It can be tempting to just pick up whatever you need, whenever you need it. And sometimes you don’t have much time so you might just grab something quick on the way home from picking the kids up. But organising your shopping will help you save loads of money.  Plan your meals in advance so you won’t be tempted to buy more than you need to.

Organise your subscriptions

So many services and products are available on a monthly basis now. Whether it’s Netflix, Amazon Prime or something else – it’s easy to forget what you’re actually paying for each month. These subscriptions can soon add up and end up costing you loads. Go through all of your subscriptions and make sure that you’re only paying for what you use. This is especially important if you have a family Apple or Android plan – just to make sure that your little ones haven’t signed up to anything without you knowing!

Research rewards

There are so many different companies now which offer reward schemes. Have a look at companies that you use which offer them, and make the most of this! A lot of companies do deals on days out with kids, or money off family holidays. Many people aren’t even aware of them, let alone use them – so check out your companies.

Coupons and discounts

Similar to reward schemes – there are thousands of coupons and discounts available. It’s just about looking to find them. Newspapers and magazines offer coupons all the time. And if you sign up to something like Tesco Clubcard you will get coupons delivered through your door every so often. It’s worth having a look at what your local shops offer and see if you can get some money-off coupons each month. It can end up saving you a load on your weekly shop – especially if you have growing children who never stop eating!

Buy clothes second-hand

Anyone who has ever spent any time around children will know how fast they grow. You buy them a pair of shoes one week and the next they don’t fit them. This can add up to one expensive bill each year. Cut down on this cost by going second-hand shopping instead. Charity and thrift shops are great places to buy children’s clothes – often for half the price of buying them new. There’s absolutely no point in buying brand new expensive clothes only for your kids to have grown out of them in a few weeks!

Sell your old stuff!

And if you do have a load of old clothes that your kids no longer fit into you can always sell them online. There are so many places now that can help you – from eBay to Gumtree, and even Facebook! Get rid of any clothes that your kids no longer fit or wear, as well as any old toys that are just taking up space. This will give you a bit of extra cash, as well as freeing up some space in your home. You can choose what to sell, how much for and whether you’re happy to deliver. It’s so easy and works perfectly around you and your life.

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