"Goes To Sleep" are personalised bedtime stories for babies and children to help encourage extra sleep. Read more at https://lukeosaurusandme.co.uk

Bedtime Stories For Babies: Oscar “Goes To Sleep” Book Review

If you think bedtime stories for babies are a waste of time, you’re seriously missing out. Bedtime stories for children are absolutely vital for two fundamental reasons. One: when used as part of a bedtime routine, bedtime stories can help initiate sleepy thoughts and help children drift off to sleep with more ease. Two: reading babies and children bedtime stories helps to grow the bond between parent and child.

The first year of your baby’s life is spent creating that special bond – one that will hopefully last a lifetime! However, it’s no secret that parenting is hard and can present some difficult challenges, especially when sleep deprivation is a daily struggle.

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I have been feeling extremely frazzled lately.

Teething, combined with growth spurts and all that other crazy voodoo stuff that babies experience in their first year of life has been having a negative effect on my mental health. However, one thing that I do find really enjoyable still is reading my children a bedtime story.

Luke loves reading – he’s super good at it too. So when it comes to reading to baby Oscar, Luke usually wants to get involved and is very keen to share the books they both own. If there’s a nice simple baby board book, Luke will sit down are read the whole thing to Oscar, who is always immediately mesmorised by his big brother’s voice.

When Oscar was kindly gifted this personalised children’s bedtime story book by Little Creatures, Luke was begging me to sit down and read it to the both of them. No matter how manic my day has been, sitting down with a good book and snuggling up with my two boys will absolutely make everything better again.

"Goes To Sleep" are personalised bedtime stories for babies and children to help encourage extra sleep. Read more at https://lukeosaurusandme.co.uk

The “Goes To Sleep” series of books by Little Creatures has received some seriously high praise.

If you’ve seen it floating around on your social media feeds, or while flicking through the pages of glossies like Cosmopolitan, you’ll know that the “Goes To Sleep” personalised bedtime story book is gaining in popularity. Do you want to know why? Because parents have found that by incorporating this children’s bedtime story book into the bedtime routine, you could find your children sleeping for an extra two hours. Yes! Two whole hours!

Snuggling up with my two boys to read Oscar Goes To Sleep has been really enjoyable, just like the bedtime book itself.

The “Goes To Sleep” book, written by George Berkowski and illustrated by Kasia Dudziuk, uses repetition and imaginative scenarios which reference feeling sleepy throughout. The first couple of pages reinforce the idea of a bedtime routine, by going through each stage of Oscar’s bedtime routine.

"Goes To Sleep" are personalised bedtime stories for babies and children to help encourage extra sleep. Read more at https://lukeosaurusandme.co.uk

The way George has written this book is extremely clever and I can see why its becoming increasingly popular among parents.

The bedtime routine mentions key bedtime themes such as: going to bed at the same time each night, turning off all the screens (TV and tablets), having a nice cosy bubble bath, putting on warm pyjamas, drinking some milk and brushing your teeth. These images are bound to make anyone start feeling sleepy, especially when the character (your child!) in the book starts to yawn.

From there, the story takes us into Oscar’s dreams, where he meets several charming animals in their respective habitats.

Repetition and rhyme are used throughout the story to reinforce the idea of sleepiness. For each animal the character meets, Oscar asks whether what they’re doing (eating bananas, wiggling their legs) tires them out. The animals all reply yes, and Oscar starts feeling sleepy. His eyelids want to close, but the actions that the animals are doing are preventing him from being able to doze! Eventually, his ‘dreamcloud’ brings him back home, to the comfort and quiet of his very own bed, where he falls asleep without any interruptions.

"Goes To Sleep" are personalised bedtime stories for babies and children to help encourage extra sleep. Read more at https://lukeosaurusandme.co.uk

We got on really well with Oscar “Goes To Sleep”.

I would find it difficult to say whether Oscar directly benefited from the bedtime story book much as his sleep patterns are all over the place lately due to teething. That being said, he definitely enjoyed looking at the pictures, having some really nice time with his mum and brother and, of course, drooling all over the pages! I noticed that Luke started yawning half way through the bedtime story and, although he was keen to keep up, his little eyelids were looking very heavy.

Luke’s a heavy sleeper, so I knew that once I left the room he’d be out like a light, the question was – how long would he sleep for?

We’ve only read this book a handful of times, but I have noticed that he’s stayed in bed for a little while longer than usual – maybe twenty to thrity minutes more. I’ve taken to making sure we read it as often as we can during the week as he tends to wake up at 6am on school days and is already knackered before we’ve even made it out of the front door. I think the “Goes To Sleep” personalised children’s bedtime story will really make a significant difference to my children’s bedtimes when combined with a good bedtime routine. I know that other parents have had amazing results and I hope that with a few more reads, we’ll start to see some real improvement in Luke’s sleep, as well as Oscar’s.

"Goes To Sleep" are personalised bedtime stories for babies and children to help encourage extra sleep. Read more at https://lukeosaurusandme.co.uk

My thoughts on Little Creature’s “Goes To Sleep” personalised bedtime story book.

I think that bedtime stories for babies are a must. Even if you’re not convinced they’ll help your baby sleep, reading to babies is a huge bonding experience and sets them up to have some excellent habits later on in life. If you’re looking for a sweet book for babies then this one will tick all of your boxes. As far as sleep goes – Luke seems to be benefiting from the story and I am sure the more we read, the better he’ll sleep. Oscar enjoys the story as part of his bedtime routine too, which is setting him up for some good habits as he grows.

Luke’s enjoyed reading Oscar’s bedtime story book with us for a variety of reasons.

He loves the story, he thinks it’s exciting and funny and the illustrations are bright and colourful, with a hint of cheekiness. Luke likes that it’s not a ‘quick’ read, but it’s not a long one either. It’s just the right length so he can get sucked into the story, but we have finished before he loses interest.

If you’re looking to expand your children’s bedtime story bookshelves, this is a must have bedtime book! Not only does it help encourage good bedtime habits and a nice long sleep, it’s also a fun story with some gorgeous illustrations and some good talking points.

"Goes To Sleep" are personalised bedtime stories for babies and children to help encourage extra sleep. Read more at https://lukeosaurusandme.co.uk

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    • I really enjoy sharing my love of reading with my kids, it’s nice to encourage something positive and there are just so many benefits!

    • You’re so right, it really involves them in the story and they pay so much more attention to the story.

    • I’m with you there, and books are a lot more useful than personalised key rings or other tat.

  • My daughter had a great routine when she was younger and she still has a bedtime reading routine now she’s 14. My stepdaughter has just discovered her love of books which is nice as it’s something we can do together and it helps us bond a little bit more x

    • That’s so nice to hear! I love listening to Mikey read bedtime stories to Luke, it really helps cement the bond between step-parent and child.

  • I am not a parent, but to have a good bed time routine is a must. Reading a bedtime story is a good way to do this xx

    • Bedtime routines are a must – routines for everything are a must when you’ve got kids haha.

  • We have a routine of putting the kids to bed at 7-8pm every night, and it has worked so well for us. The book looks amazing and such a good read.

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