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Finding The Right Bib For Your Baby’s Weaning Journey

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Feeding your baby is such an exciting and messy milestone. I was so, so excited to start our weaning journey with Oscar and I spent a while researching the best types of food to offer him when the moment finally came. I had heard really great things about the cooking range from Piccolo and thought that would be a great place to start. I also researched plenty of finger foods that I could give him to get him used to textures and flavours. A few months later and the weaning is still going really well, however, we are having one tiny issue – the boy will not keep his bib on!

After mentioning in my 9 Month Weaning Journey Update that it was proving difficult to find a suitable baby bib for Oscar, Baby To Love kindly gifted me some items to help us continue our baby led weaning journey. I’ve been putting the products to the test for just over a month now with nearly every day wear, so it seems like the perfect time to write up a review.

Baby To Love kindly gifted me the Full Body Long Sleeve Waterproof Smock, as well as the B’Clip (Magnetic Soft Silicone Bib) in order for me to thoroughly test and review the products. Here’s how we got on with them.

Review: The Full Body Long Sleeve Waterproof Smock from Baby To Love 

It Stays On!

I’ve been having a nightmare with baby bibs for the past 5 months and so when it comes to choosing them now I have a certain criteria that they need to adhere to. Firstly, they need to stay on the baby. Oscar loves nothing more then to pull hard on the front of the bib, which rips the Velcro apart and pulls the bib off. I can’t begin to tell you how annoying that is, especially if he’s eating something messy. He is partial to very messy foods, like pasta and sauce, cottage pie and homemade ice lollies, which means the baby bib really need to be easy to clean – preferably machine washable. I’m so pleased to say the the Long Sleeve Waterproof Smock ticks both of those very important boxes. It’s machine washable, you can wipe it down and it’s totally waterproof.

baby wearing a bib covered in food from weaning

The bib is machine washable.

I’ve thrown this baby bib in the washing machine easily about three times a week for the past four or five weeks and it has survived being washed at 30 each time. Because of it being washed so regularly, I did expect the waterproof material to perhaps crack in places and compromise the 100% waterproof coverage Baby To Love promise, however I’m thrilled to say that it has survived perfectly well. You wouldn’t even be able to tell from looking at it that it had been in the washing machine. You can also hand wash it and wipe it down with a cloth.

baby wearing a bib covered in food from weaning

It fits well, even on my wiggly baby.

The full body smock really does give great waterproof coverage. It’s great for use in the highchair with food, but it’s also good fun when getting down and dirty with some messy play! The Velcro at the back is strong which means my little monkey can’t just tug it off. The adjustable wrist cuffs are quite tight, which stops water and food getting inside the bib but it does make it quite fiddly to stretch over Oscar’s hands. The full body smock really does cover the whole body though and protects Oscar’s clothes excellently. 

Back view of the long sleeved baby smock from kids company, Baby To Love.

Overall thoughts

I have to say that this is the best baby bib I have used so far. I know that I have been gifted this item, but honesty with my readers is something I truly value and I think that the Full Body Long Sleeve Waterproof Smock is an absolute must buy if you’re going through the weaning stage at the moment. It’s also great for messy play so if you’ve got a baby aged around 6 months or older, this would be great for a whole range of things! As I mentioned, I’ve been using it daily as it fits well, keeps food and liquids away from Oscar’s clothes, it’s easy to clean and it doesn’t hold odours either. I’d definitely recommend it. The price is really good for what you get – I know you can get cheaper alternatives but I’m yet to find one that matches up to this one from Baby To Love. 

Review: B’Clip (Magnetic Soft Silicone Bib)

Have you ever been out and about and realised you’ve forgotten a bib? Or have you had a particularly messy day on the food front and found all your bibs in the wash pile? Well the B’Clip offers a very handy solution to both of these problems – it turns absolutely anything into a baby bib. 

B’Clip Features

The B’Clip, made from soft silicone is durable, lightweight, easy to clean and comfortable to wear thanks to its ergonomic design. It’s really flexible, which ensures it always fits perfectly, even if you’ve got an active little baby. The magnetic clips don’t snap close, which is great, especially on something that is around such delicate skin like the neck and ears. I’ve accidentally caught my own skin in the highchair clips so many times and the thought of accidentally getting Oscar’s skin terrifies me, so I really love that the clips don’t snap.

Use anywhere and for whatever reason.

Whether you’re trying out some fun sensory play, getting messy with arts and crafts or tucking into a yummy meal, the B’Clip can turn any piece of fabric into a bib. For example, if you’re sat in a coffee shop or cafe and you find yourself without a bib, you can simply clip a paper napkin into the B’Clip using it’s magnetic clips. Alternatively, you can use a muslin cloth, tea towels, old top or anything else you have to hand! 

Overall thoughts

I really love the B’Clip. It’s lightweight and small, which means it’s easy to throw into the change bag. It’s also really easy to clean – not that much food gets that high up, but when it does I have just washed it in hot soapy water and it was as good as new again. Oscar seems to find it really comfortable to wear. Now that Oscar eats anything and everything he can get his hands on, we really work our way through the baby bibs and they end up waiting to be cleaned in the dirty laundry basket. The B’Clip has saved my skin so many times as I’ve been able to just use a tea towel or muslin cloth to cover up his clothes.

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A baby looking at the camera with a bib on eating messy food.

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