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This weeks Kids Make And Bake Club video was so much fun to make; the video might not be mine and Luke’s best work technically, but the fun we had playing with all the gloopy glue and glitter definitely makes up for it!

Kids Make And Bake Club YouTube Channel

Our last video was a really fun, really quick Pom Pom Shooter that provided hours of fun for my little Lukeosaurus. He wasn’t very interested in decorating the Pom Pom Shooter, just playing with it, so this week’s is a bit of a pretty, home decor kind of make. The lanterns make great gifts and can be jazzed up and altered to coincide with loads of different occasions, such as Christmas, Halloween or even birthdays.


To Make Glass Lanterns, You Will Need:

  • An empty jar (we used a yankee candle jar and a sauce jar – baby food jars are also perfect!)
  • Some PVA glue
  • Glitter(!!)
  • A Candle (we used battery operated, usually available in pound shops and supermarkets)


How To Use:

Like I mentioned above, these are versatile little things! Instead of using glitter, you could use black card to create silhouettes of street lamps or Christmas trees for winter festivities. Or how about using lots of orange and black glitter to make some spooky Halloween lanterns? Using battery operated candles makes them safe enough to be popped in your child’s bedroom as their very own, hand crafted night light. Don’t forget, they also make great gifts for family and friends!


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