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Review: Pirate Snuggle Sac from Room To Grow

Room To Grow is a gorgeous online retailer specialising in children’s bedroom furniture and accessories. Surfing their website is a dangerous decision as it’s full to the brim with cute and stylish products that you’ll definitely want to purchase for your kid’s bedroom or nursery!

Before Oscar was born, I was asked if I wanted to review anything from the website. I decided to go for something practical over something decorative. With Oscar’s arrival getting closer and closer, I’d already made arrangements for Luke to have a sleepover with his aunty while I was in hospital. When I came across the Snuggle Sacs, I knew that one of those would make his sleepover even more exciting!

What Is A Snuggle Sac?

The Snuggle Sac is a super soft cotton and fleece sack that, as the name suggests, is perfect to snuggle in! On the outside features a wonderfully soft and fluffy fleecy fabric and the inside of the Snuggle Sac is cotton lined for extra comfort. The Snuggle Sac is 5.2 togs, making it perfect for children aged 3+ to snuggle up in, whether they’re sleeping or just chilling out on the sofa. My favourite thing about the Snuggle Sac is the special place at the top of the sac where you can insert your child’s pillow! Included in the purchase of a Snuggle Sac is a special storage and travel tote bag which makes it really easy to store and transport the sac around. The whole thing is also machine washable and suitable for the tumble dryer, which means it wins some massive bonus points from this mummy.

Snuggle Sac from Room To Grow review at

When To Use A Snuggle Sac

As I mentioned earlier, Luke has been using his Snuggle Sac for sleepovers. It’s so handy, thanks to that special tote bag which makes it really easy to travel with and store. The space at the top for pillow is really useful and makes it perfect for sleepovers.The Snuggle Sac is also pretty great for snuggling up on the sofa with. We have had a few snuggly film sessions during the summer holidays; it’s always nice to get the snacks out and snuggle up together and spend some proper time just me and Luke since the arrival of Oscar.

The Pirate Snuggle Sac

There are lots of design options available to choose from. You can go for a minimalist design such as white stars on a light grey, or you can really ignite your child’s imagination and choose something more exciting. I chose the Pirate Snuggle Sac!

It arrived very quickly and was very well packaged. The Snuggle Sac was neatly folded up in it’s travel bag and was easy to remove and unfold. Luke was so excited when he came home to find this waiting for him and he couldn’t wait to unpack it and try it out.

Snuggle Sac from Room To Grow review at

Easy To Use

Luke tested out the Snuggle Sac several times before he took it to his aunty’s for a sleepover. He found it really easy to remove from the tote bag and, after being shown how to fold it up properly, he was able to put it away afterwards as well.

The zip works really well and doesn’t get stuck or snag on the fabric, making it perfect for little hands. There’s nothing worse than trying to do up your sleeping bag at bedtime and finding it takes ages because the zip keeps snagging!

Super Comfy!

Luke really loves his Snuggle Sac and there have been several occasions at home when he has used it. It’s also been used for sleepovers and we’re planning a few more sleepovers and mini getaways in the near future, where I am sure it will come in handy again!

The Snuggle Sac has been really useful and I would consider it to be a great investment. Although you could purchase a normal sleeping bag for your child, I have found that the additional space for inserting a pillow is really handy. I’m looking forward to using it loads over the next few years; we’re even planning on taking it camping during the warmer summer months of next year.

The Snuggle Sac is available from Room To Grow and is currently priced at £50.

*I was sent a Snuggle Sac for the purpose of this review. All thoughts are my own.

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